Sunday, November 24, 2019

Day 15 - Quartzsite, AZ

Quartzsite is a pretty “safe” place for us to try boondocking aka extended dry camping. The desert is pretty flat and hard packed and there is a ton of space. No issues getting into this spot though it was a pretty tight turn. The site is pretty level and not too many people around us. A lot different than when we were last here in January.

This is the view to the east from our “patio” on the shady side of the rig. We will be here for a week. Our water and tanks should last that long and now that we have a battery monitor, we’ll not only know when we need to start the generator but also have an idea on how much power we actually use. If we choose to install solar, we’ll have a better idea on how much we need.

But, to start things off, I want to see how much power the sous vide device uses with a 2½ hour cooking time. In know that it draws a max of 800 watts but not continuously. I have a hunch that it draws more power than the Instant Pot but that’s just a guess. What I really need is an insulated container with a lid. Hmmm...

Just so I remember, the gauge on the propane tank says 11/16.