Sunday, November 17, 2019

Day 8 - Benson, AZ - TT

When we leave tomorrow, we will have been at this RV park for two weeks. And this is the third time we’ve stayed here each time for two weeks at a time. Initially, I reserved at this place because it wasn’t too “resorty” like some of the other Encore Resorts in Arizona. So easier to get a reservation and not a lot of rules. The pool and jacuzzi are nice and the people seem really friendly. There are enough stores in Benson to get most of what we need. Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply, Safeway, and Walmart. And there is a quick stop type market right next to the RV park. Tucson is only about 45 minutes away and would have anything else we might need.

There is a mix of full-timers, seasonal, and travelers. A few are doing the 4-day park-to-park hopping within the Thousand Trail system. That’s a lot of moving around as we did that for a while. With the TT Camping Pass, we can either do the 4-day thing or stay up to two weeks then stay elsewhere for a week. Most of the RV parks in AZ are actually Encore so we have the Trails Collection add-on to get access. Our next Thousand Trail (actually Encore) reservation is on December 1st so we could be out of the system for 13 days. Or we could find another park within the system anytime next week (7 days out) for up to 4 days. The plan for tomorrow is dry camping at a location outside of Tucson then heading into a diesel shop early on Tuesday morning. The shop opens at 7:00am and I didn’t want to try and get there from here as there is a steady grade heading west out of Benson. Hopefully they can get us in and out in one day.


  1. You guys sure get to know an area....Martha and I rarely spend more than 3 nights in any one location, when I solo-glamp, rarely more than two nights...

    1. Several years ago, we tended to move every couple of days because we wanted to go everywhere. We found that pace to be too exhausting and somewhat expensive. Now, we prefer to stay for around a week or two. Traveling in the RV is more like a lifestyle and not a vacation. The RV is more like a second home. We don’t feel compelled to go anywhere or see anything every day.