Thursday, November 14, 2019

Day 5 - Benson, AZ - TT

Another very pleasant day in southern Arizona. Being able to stay in these Thousand Trails and Encore RV parks is pretty convenient. Some complain that they aren’t resorts. The spaces here are gravel but mostly level. We had a choice between 30 amp and 50 amp power and pull through or back in. The pool and jacuzzi aren’t fancy but nicely heated and clean. The seasonal activities are just starting up for the winter. We went to a pot-luck yesterday evening. Nice to meet others.

I ordered a sous vide kitchen gadget from Amazon on Tuesday evening and it arrived here at the campground this afternoon. Prime works pretty good! This one is made by Instant Pot and there is a large selection of brands out there. You insert it into a container of water and pick a temperature and cooking time. Whatever you are cooking gets placed into a plastic freezer bag, add seasoning, and place it into the water. The sous vide device has a water pump and a heating element to maintain the desired temperature and the pump keeps the water circulating. When it’s done, the entire contents are at whatever temperature you choose.

In this case, I picked up two fairly generic steaks from Walmart. Not high end cuts but they did have some nice marbling. Seasoned them with seasoned salt and pepper, added a little olive oil into the bag, and put the bag in the water. After an hour and a half it’ll be done and just needs to be browned in a pan for 30 sec or so on each side. If you don’t brown it, it looks a very un-appetizing grey. It came out medium edge to edge. Apparently, everything come out that way. Turkey, roasts, even eggs. And there is no risk of overcooking. It’ll maintain that temperature for hours after it’s “done”. Cool gadget!


  1. Ha Ha, Prime works pretty good! Except for my package that has supposedly been in the truck waiting to be delivered for 2 days now. lol.

    1. There’s always an exception… Your box got lost in the truck it was so tiny.