Thursday, November 28, 2019

Day 19 - Quartzsite, AZ - Thanksgiving

The forecast is for thunderstorms with a flash flood warning. I am somewhat concerned as we are parked next to a wash but others in the area said that it could get too deep to drive through but it stays in the wash. Bridget is unconcerned. We will bring the drivers side slides in as the forecasted SW wind is 24mph with much higher gusts. The drivers side is facing roughly WSW. The slide toppers flap a lot in high winds.

The menu for today’s Thanksgiving dinner:
  • Sous vide turkey breast
  • Mashed potatoes 
  • Homemade turkey gravy
  • Brussels sprouts in a balsamic reduction 
  • Stuffing/dressing out of a box
  • Whole berry cranberry sauce
  • Heat & serve rolls
  • Store bought pumpkin pie w/ice cream
The one I’m looking forward to is the experiment. The sous vide turkey cooked at 141° for 6 hours. The recommended cooking times range from 2 to 24 hours. The sous vide device does “exercise” the inverter based on the current and voltage graph. This graph is from the Victron battery monitor. Not really useful as you can only display live data not historical data. It shows that the sous vide wand is continuously cycling the heater on and off to maintain the water temperature. You can see the battery voltage fluctuation in the LED lights. 

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