Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Day 10 - Tucson, AZ

We were up at 6 and left the fairgrounds by 6:40am since service is in the order of arrival. They said that will start the assessment around 10-11 and we can stay in the RV until then. We unloaded the car and parked the tow dolly out of the way in their back lot. At their suggestion, we packed stuff in case they needed to keep it overnight. That would be inconvenient but probably inevitable. The overheating is the only issue that really limits our travel.

Rain was forecast for 1:00pm and a bit after 1:00, it started to pour. Pretty good forecasting. For now, we are in the Prius as they have the coach backed into a bay. We went to a park before the storm then had lunch at In-N-Out. Right now I’m in the customer lounge while it’s pouring outside.

The forecast doesn’t look very promising for the next couple of days. Flash flood warnings are out and there was a lot of water on the streets after only half an hour. Plus some pretty strong winds.

2:45 - Still waiting…

4:00 - Well, the good news is that we don’t need to look for a hotel tonight. But we need to bring it back tomorrow morning. The engine computer reported low boost, high egt (exhaust gas temperature), and overheating. So far, three test drives.

6:00 - We are parked at a local Casino (found on AllStays) that I somehow missed yesterday. Only about 5 miles away. Their computer log reported 28psi boost which sounds normal to me. It’s hard to find info on the Cat engine but what I did find were reports of boost pressures of 26psi from other individuals who installed gauges on their engines. Another article I found stated that there are a lot of reports of C7 engines overheating on steep grades due to emissions regen. I think that’s only the more recent models. I hope that this isn’t something that we have to live with. I still think it’s a problem with the cooling system.