Saturday, March 9, 2019

More Running Around

Even with all of the running around this morning, there was still an opportunity to get out on the Ural. The weather is very Spring-like with temperatures in the mid-40s and lots of sunshine and even though sunset is 6:30, it's still pretty light out an hour later. I stopped at Fred Meyer this afternoon to pick up a few snacks for the flight back. The ride was just a quick run to warm up the engine and blow out the cobwebs. I couldn't think of anywhere else to go so I just stopped at the normal lookout at the university for a quick picture. It was nice to get out on the rig.

My flight back to Palm Springs leaves tomorrow morning at 5:30 AKDT. That stupid time change is tonight as well so I need to be sure that I don't arrive late for the flight. 


  1. Hope you made your flight on time :-)

    1. Made the flight just fine. Now, I just need the next plane to arrive in time. (It isn’t here yet) The flights and airports have been packed as Spring break is starting in Alaska. All these people escaping the state for the week. Poor planning on my part.