Thursday, March 28, 2019

Day 18 - Menifee, CA - TT

Today, we went to the John Wayne airport to pick up my mom on her flight from Portland. The plane on her original flight to Portland had mechanical issues. We stopped at a surf-themed burger place for lunch and I had a fabulous, pepper encrusted bacon burger. Phenomenal. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the restaurant. After dropping my mom off at her friend's home here in Menifee, we picked up some stuff at the store and arrived back at the RV after seven hours. Most of that was driving.

On Tuesday, the battery in my Apple Watch was so low that it refused to charge. I had tried multiple charge cords but never tried a different USB port. I had arranged with Apple to pick up a replacement at the Apple Store in Temecula about 15 miles south of here. This morning, Bridget mentioned that her watch wasn't charged after being plugged in all night. Hmmm. The probability of the same problem on two watches was very small. I had heard that if the battery was run completely dead, then the stock 0.5 amp charger isn't able to charge the watch. I plugged it into a 2.1 amp USB source and her watch started charging. I moved the other charge cord to another 2.1 amp USB port and tried my watch. It started to charge. Within 30 minutes. it was up to 75%. Called Apple and canceled my appointment to pick up a replacement. I used it all day and the charge only dropped 10% so I think it's working again.

This evening, we are taking my mom to visit with her sister and my cousins. 


  1. Sometimes, I have to "reset" a usb port to get it to work again.

    1. I’ll try that. It was plugged into one of those six port chargers. And all six ports were being used at the time.

    2. yep, I regularly overload the usb ports when charging devices