Friday, March 8, 2019

Back in Fairbanks

I'm back in Fairbanks for a few days and much of today was spent at the University. On lower campus, the engineering students had their ice arch. This is an educational project to develop not only a self-supporting arch but one that could hold additional weight. I don't know anything about this one beyond noticing that it had LED lights draped over it. The engineering buildings are the two in the background.

I got all of my errands done (I think). One additional one that was unexpected was replacing the 12-volt battery in the Prius. I had left instructions to plug the car in when it was not being used as the computers and other systems continually draw power from the 12-volt battery. This isn't the large battery that powers the motor but just a smaller AGM battery under the rear floor. Smart move on Toyota's part that you can't open the rear hatch without power from the 12-volt battery. So to replace it, you need to crawl in from the backseat and remove floor panels to reach the battery. It was completely dead and could not be revived with a battery charger. Its replacement was $215 from Bulbs and Batteries. At least they had one in stock and it was over $100 cheaper than the Toyota dealer.

Tonight, there is an Arctic Amateur Radio Club meeting. I haven't been to one since September and since I'm on the board, I probably should show up once and a while.

Another surprising thing happened today. Alaska Airlines sent an email apologizing for the delay getting into Seattle. And their apology included a code for $100 off of a future flight. To me, they didn't need to do that but I'm not going to complain.


  1. That's extreme, Palm Springs to Fairbanks... I'm sure the return to warmer temperatures will be welcoming after a few days.

  2. Poor Prius, one would expect this car rather driven in California and Oregon, not in the Arctic ;-)

    1. It seems to work just fine in AK. The battery is inside the car plus it still has an engine.