Friday, March 22, 2019

Day 12 - Menifee, CA - TT

This morning around 10, I packed up and headed for Wilderness Lakes RV Park in Menifee, CA. Google Maps said 43 miles but the RV GPS had us going via a more reasonable route. It took about 1½ hours. This place is pretty large and very wet. Some of the others here were telling me about the continuous rain and flooded streets and campsites. Right now, maybe 5% of the sites are too wet to occupy. I guess it’s making all the waterfowl happy. There are a lot of ducks and geese wandering through the park.

These geese were right behind the trailer making a lot of noise until the neighbor returned. Then they wandered across the street. Like many other RV parks, you need to pay for WiFi. Since we are going to be here for a couple of weeks, I went ahead and paid. These RV park WiFi setups is where the Ubiquity solution seems to work well. Pay for one device, the radio itself, and anything you have on the backend WiFi SSID is automatically connected. 


SonjaM said...

Methinks the geese seemed happy with the weather conditions.

redlegsrides said... your step, they tend to be "prolific" in their droppings.

I bet the dogs go nuts when they see them?

RichardM said...

I think they like all of the water. Other campers say that management has been pumping out the water one street at a time.

RichardM said...

The dogs don’t seem to be too concerned about the geese probably due to their size. The ducks are smaller and they want to harass them. (Bullies?)

Trobairitz said...

Bully geese? - are those Canadian Geese? They rule the roost in droves in the parks in BC and make a heck of a mess as Dom suggests.