Monday, March 11, 2019

Day 1 - Loma Linda - TT

No, we haven’t left Palm Springs yet but we did head into the L.A. basin today to visit with Fairbanks friends David and Cee. Bridget also had her e-bike and medication shipped to them as the Palm Springs RV park didn’t accept packages. We had a wonderful visit and learned how a plant-based diet could positively affect your health and well being. I will definitely looking into this as first hand accounts are always pretty convincing. We had dinner at a Thai restaurant and they served the tom kah kai soup in a hot pot. The soup was delicious but not as spicy as I normally get it.

We then packed Bridget’s new bike up and headed back out to the desert. There really are some horrible drivers around here. A not unusual move was cutting from the far left lane to the acceleration lane on the on-ramp, passing trucks and cars then swinging all the way back to the left lane weaving through traffic all the way. Weaving through traffic seemed to be the norm as is speeding. Speed limits only apply to others…

I don’t really look forward to bringing the RV into the L.A. basin on Friday.


  1. The traffic debacle you described is what traffic on the I-25 corridor and Denver Metro has become....sadly. Not as many cars as the LA basin but then again a fraction of the road infrastructure here...and most of it crumbling.

    New ebike, yay! When's the first race between you and Bridget? :)

    1. The traffic was ridiculous forty years ago but now the number of reckless drivers seems to has risen significantly. Her e-bike as 50% more power but a slightly smaller battery. Plus her bike doesn’t have to lug around as much weight. So, let’s just declare that Bridget will win any race except, possibly, endurance (larger battery, smaller motor).

  2. Yay for Bridget's ebike! Which one did she get?