Thursday, March 21, 2019

Day 11 - Orangeland RV Park

A few days ago, I had checked out one of the pickers to collect some of the free citrus. The tree next to our site is a Valencia or juice oranges. I squeezed four of them and they were a bit tart. When mixed with some sparkling water, it tastes like orange soda. Three oranges will give you about six ounces of juice. Yesterday, I made a lemon chicken in the Instant Pot. Pretty good. It was nice to have access to the oranges and lemons here at the RV park.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be checking out and moving to a Thousand Trails RV park for a couple of weeks. Bridget flew out this morning for home but will be back next Monday. There is a mini family reunion in a bit over a week that we’ve been looking forward to. And the TT RV park was conveniently located.

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