Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Day 10 - Weird Ice Cream

No theme parks today. Three days in a row may have been a bit much. While we were walking around Downtown Disney yesterday afternoon, we had some ice cream from the Salt & Straw. According to someone else looking at the flavors, it’s supposed to be a real gourmet ice cream place. The flavors seemed unusual enough to warrant trying then out. Maybe too unusual for some as the two guys in front of me left the line saying, “They don’t even have chocolate and vanilla!”. In the interest of trying the unusual, we had two half scoops in a bowl. The first half was “Black Olive Brittle & Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese” and the second half was “Smoked Sea Salt & Chocolate Crack”. The second doesn’t show up on the list as it is one of the flavors-of-the-month. Both flavors that are unlikely to be found in Fairbanks. Both were very tasty though a little bit salty. The first was very good with just a hint of olive and goat cheese. I’d definitely have it again. And, I liked that they gave you the option of two half scoops.

We went to Downtown Disney around 4:00 and the shuttle pickup time was 5:30. By 4, I was all “lined out” meaning, I was tired of standing in line. Or even just standing. According to Apple, 16k steps yesterday.

Today’s activity was the Olive Hills Dog Park about five miles from the RV park. Really nice dog park in spite of all the negative Yelp reviews. 


  1. 16k steps....urgh. It looked like, from Bridget's pics, your dogs had the park to themselves. No waiting in lines for them!

    1. It felt like a lot of walking. The dog park was separated into a large dog and small dog sections. They pretty much had the small dog section to themselves. The other section had maybe 8 dogs in it.