Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Day 16 - Menifee, CA - TT

I guess this is why people put up with the crowds here in California. The temperature is fine but the crowds… Well, let me put it this way, there’s a reason why I moved from California to Alaska and the weather was only part of the reason. This was taken at my cousin’s home where they were getting ready for the mini-reunion this coming Friday. Tomorrow, we were going back over to the Disney complex as we still have one more day of admission left on our ticket. We needed to be at the airport tomorrow evening anyway so this gets us into the area.

I went to the pool today and it was a zoo. The rules prohibit kids from using the jacuzzi but the kids and their parents feel that rules like that only apply to others. So, I didn’t stay long. So far, this is my only complaint about this TT park. People ignoring rules and lacking common courtesy. But that really isn’t a problem with the park. It’s just a problem of it’s location.


  1. Sooo late, but this topic is near and dear to me, so I am compelled to reply. I really think that people being allowed to ignore the rules just ruins the experience for everyone else. The park management and camp hosts or staff, should just work harder to educate guests about the rules, and if people don't want to comply when asked nicely they may need to find another place to stay. That usually gets them to see the light. 😉

    1. Well put. When I asked the front office, they just said that the "family pool" was going to open up in a couple of days. That was their solution. BTW, after it opened, the "adult only" pool was a pretty nice place to spend the afternoon. I really miss it right now...

  2. Well, at least their 'non-solution' fixed the issue for you! 😉