Saturday, March 30, 2019

Day 19 & 20

Yesterday was the mini reunion and I didn’t get a blog post up or take very many pictures. Much of the time was spent sitting around and talking. We initially met at the Asia Seafood Buffet in Murietta about 15 miles south of here. An excellent buffet with a fantastic selection of Asian dishes including a lot of sushi. All for only $9. A real bargain. After lunch, we went to my cousins home and visited. Some who lived nearby headed home and most are leaving this morning.

Today was a lot of driving. Menifee to Long Beach to drop off some stuff to my middle son. Then north to Culver City to have lunch with Bridget’s oldest. Then back to Menifee. Lots of traffic and around 6 hours of driving. Exhausted right now... L.A. has horrible traffic but only a handful of really rude or reckless drivers. Not as bad as some say. 


  1. I hope you slept well after all that driving!

    1. I don’t remember falling asleep. And suddenly, it’s morning. So, yes.