Saturday, February 26, 2022

Day 3, 4 - Clermont, FL - TT

Friday (3) - After a Disney crowd yesterday, today will be quiet and probably too hot. At 11am, it’s already 79°F and sunny. The picture is just one more of the figures for the upcoming festival. 

The Friday food truck was here at the park and the owners recognized me from the last time we were here. And they remembered that I regularly ordered hot chai tea. They made a fresh pot for me and gave me a homemade coconut cookie to go with it. And didn’t charge anything!

The pool was relatively empty in the morning so I went in for a while to cool off. Afterwards, I went ahead and joined the first test session as my Internet seemed to be somewhat stable. By that time, it was already too warm to sit outside for the session. Even with both A/C units running, it was still a bit warm and muggy inside.

Saturday (4) - Led one of the early test sessions today before going for a walk around the park. On my way back, I noticed the blood donation busses were in the parking lot. I used to donate blood all the time but the cancer bit shut that down for a while. But no problem now as it’s been over five years. 

Around noon, I made up the Spam musubi. I had picked up the Spam over a month ago and had ordered the plastic mold on Amazon at least three weeks ago. I finally got around to it. The plastic mold made it really simple and fast.

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