Thursday, February 3, 2022

Day 72, 73 - Sarasota, FL

Wednesday (72) - We headed back to Sarasota in the morning and arrived at Turtle Beach a little after 10am. It’s not that far (~4mi) from Siesta Beach where we were yesterday afternoon but the sand is definitely different. Siesta beach sand was pure white and very fine powder with very few shells. Here, the sand is grey and coarse. More beach sand-like with shells. I’m told that people come here for the shells. It’s very relaxing now unlike the mayhem that seems typical of Florida traffic. We saw a pickup passing an RV yesterday that caused a school bus to swerve off the road avoiding a head-on collision. Everyone seems to be in a hurry and everywhere is crowded. Except for the “Disney bubble”, Florida is near the bottom of my winter destination list. Assuming such a list even exists.

After lunch, we headed through town towards Mote Aquarium. Admission was kind of steep so we passed on it. We had both been there before. Right next door is Save Our Seabirds. It a bird rescue and rehabilitation organization and admission is free. (Donations accepted) The last time I was here, it was known as Pelican Man Bird Sanctuary. Basically the same function except not focused on the person.

And, another option offered by this campground. No RV? Stay in one of the covered wagons. 

Thursday (73)
- Todays trip was to Venice Beach which even further south. Lots of people all with small screened contraptions trying to find shark teeth amongst the shells. 

We then went to an Asian grocery as I was looking for some unusual ingredients. On the way back to the RV park, we opened up the front part of the top. It takes less than a minute to do. There was no wind buffeting inside which was a pleasant surprise. We stopped at the produce market here at the campground on the way back. 


  1. The beach is so beautiful. I am missing the ocean...

    1. The ocean was nice. We are back inland for several weeks before heading to the Atlantic coast.