Sunday, February 20, 2022

Day 0 - Fairbanks, AK

It is a long flight from Orlando to Fairbanks. Note, present tense as I’m still on the trip. The five hour layover in Anchorage was especially unpleasant as I arrived ~2am and the last leg to Fairbanks is at 7am. it was a good opportunity to catch up on some podcasts and I did end up watching the movie Gravity. Which is, unfortunately, hitting kind of close to reality. It deals with space junk destroying multiple space craft, satellites, and space stations. 

This is sunrise from the window of the Alaska Air flight as we started the decent into Fairbanks. These peaks are to the east and are some of the higher peaks of the Alaska Range. 

This young moose was hanging out on the subdivision road and kept turning around to see if the Prius was a threat. 

Time to get ready for tomorrow’s errands. One appointment and, hopefully, the dmv-like business is open so I can get plates for the Jeep. I had two other stops plans but those were thwarted by tomorrow being a holiday. I didn’t know it was a holiday until 3am…