Thursday, February 24, 2022

Day 2 - Epcot

Thursday (2) - I thought that a middle of the week would be a less busy day at Epcot. It still seems a bit crowded. I rode on a couple of rides already and it is barely mid-afternoon. The Mission Space (lightweight version) was only a ten minute line. The single-rider line for Test Track was a bit longer but much less than the 70 min standby line. 

I then proceeded to pick up maple popcorn at the Canada before wandering to the International Entrance (Exit). Here, I hopped onto the Skyliner to the Riviera Hotel. No waiting at all for this “ride” in either direction. Plenty of covered seating at the hotel as it’s 82°F and very sunny. 

The wait for the Fiesta Grand Tour ride was relatively short and it was air conditioned. Whenever there is a light breeze, the temperature is ideal. Otherwise, it’s pretty hot in the sun. 

The crowds really are lower than some of the other times we’ve been here. The picture is just a random shot from where I’m sitting right now. You can actually walk around without needing to dodge all of the powered scooters and strollers. And, it’s possible to find shaded seating. I forgot to pack some ibuprofen so I stopped at first aid. Free ibuprofen and a chilled water dispenser to refill my water bottle. The ibuprofen is needed since I forgot to change to real shoes. I’m still wearing my sandals which don’t have much arch support. 

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