Sunday, February 6, 2022

Day 74, 75, 76 - Wauchula, FL - SKP

Friday (74) - A short driving day again to another RV park near Wauchula. This time we are at an SKP Co-op staying at a member site. Full hookups for $25/night plus electricity. 

It’s 84°F today and the pool is open and heated to 84°F. This is the first open pool in quite a while. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. 

At 6:30pm, it was still 80°F. The forecast is for rain tonight and cooler temperatures through the weekend.

Saturday (75) - It's only 64°F and raining but due to the humidity, it seems warmer than that. Bridget is off visiting a long-time friend today so I signed up for two test sessions. AT&T seems to be working pretty good but Verizon is not. The first session went alright. I was the lead VE for the session and seemed to remember what I needed to do. The candidate was on the west coast of AK and there was very little latency. They must be on the newer terrestrial fiber that is running along the north coast of AK.

Sunday (76)
 - It’s a little warmer today but no wind. And the pool was open. After washing the Jeep, I headed to the pool for a bit. The water felt a little warmer but that may be a result of lower air temperatures. 

We met Bridget’s college friend for breakfast today. I had something called beef fritter w/sausage gravy. It looked and tasted just like chicken fried steak except made with chopped beef. Pretty good with delicious gravy, usually a weak point in many diner versions. 

This afternoon there was a 30th birthday celebration for this SKP co-op. It’s a co-op since it is owned and run by its members. Everyone who has a leased lot is a member, and they can choose to occupy the space or not. If they leave it vacant, they can allow the park to rent it out and split the rental income with the lease owner. The lease holder pays an monthly maintenance fee to cover infrastructure, water and sewer. Electricity is metered separately. While we are staying here, they will charge us for the electricity we use. I like the model and we actually applied for membership at a different SKP co-op last month. As sites become available, you express your interest and if you are the highest on the list, you can opt to become the lease holder for that site. You pay for any improvements done by the previous lease holders over the base cost. Some friends applied a bit over a year ago and just picked up their space last month. The other location has a much shorter list than this location. Being in Florida, the demand is much higher.  

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