Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Day 1 - Florida - TT

I guess we’re legit now that I have the license plate on the Jeep. I also brought back an oval “AK” sticker and put it on the Jeep. I had arrived at the hotel around 1:40am and headed back to the RV park around 10am. So I missed out on the free breakfast at the hotel. 

I opened up the front of the top on my way back this morning and the dog kept looking up. I think was wondering if it was a problem.

This afternoon, I joined into the first test session while sitting outside under the awning and it worked well enough. The Wi-Fi signal is lower so there are some audio drops. I’ll hop onto the afternoon session in about 45 min. The pool was really nice this afternoon. The small pool is now heated again and was nice and relaxing. 

When I got off the plane in Orlando, it felt incredibly warm and humid. It still feels that way. Tomorrow is supposed to be about the same. I went ahead and picked up an Epcot reservation for tomorrow and plan on going in the morning before it get really hot. No plans or reservations within Epcot. Just plan on wandering around and picking up some more popcorn from the Canada section. The maple popcorn is delicious. 


  1. You can't go wrong with a maple "something"... Missing the maple donuts from Tim Hortons.