Monday, February 21, 2022

Day 0 - Fairbanks, AK

Monday - Today was errands. Had my yearly eye examination. Required since I am type 2 diabetic. No change (which is good) and the optometrist gave me copies of my prescriptions in case I wanted to get them filled elsewhere. 

The commercial DMV provider, UMV, was open today and I was able to get plates for the Jeep with a “P” tag. Permanent and no charge since I’m 65 or older. How can anyone complain about that. They were out of the “stealthy” plates which are black letters on a green aurora background. It’s hard to read. So, I got a bear plate which has a standing grizzly in the middle of the plate. This is my favorite style anyway and is the same as the RV, Prius, and the Ural. All with permanent registrations. No renewals or inspections. 

I then stopped at the university to see if anyone from benefits was in the building today. They weren’t but they did call me back on the phone. 

The next stop was Costco to look for a new suitcase to replace my old green one which is about ten years old. And, since I have some room, I picked up some Costco food items such as dried mushrooms, dried apricots, some of my favorite trail mix, ramen, and even a home Covid test kit. The tests were occasionally kind of hard to find in FL but sitting on the shelf in Fairbanks. 

I had lunch with a former colleague at Lulu’s, a local bagel shop. It used to be closed on Monday but not today. Good sandwiches as they bake their own bread in addition to the bagels. 

The car got run through the car wash as it had warmed up to 24°F by late afternoon. It really needed it. 

The next stop was Hungry Robot Pizza. There have been quite a few posts on fb as he was working on his Detroit style pizza. I had never heard of “Detroit style” pizza so I wanted to try it out. I also picked up one of their T-shirts. It was alright but had a thick crust and a lot of cheese. So not a favorite for me. But, now I know what a Detroit style pizza is.


  1. You comment about the covif tests being on the shelf in Alaska and sometimes hard to find in Florida reminded me of a thought I sometimes have: if only we could figure out a way to distribute scarce resources easily half the problems of the world would go away, water where it's needed, food where needed instead of being wasted or thrown away, manufacturing resources to the right locations etc.... Strange how my mind wonders these days.

    1. I think the problem is more related to human behavior. Scarcity of an item seems to create panic. If a store limits what you can buy, some people panic.