Friday, February 18, 2022

Day 87, 88 - TTO - TT

Thursday (87)
 - "TTO" is the commonly used abbreviation for Orlando Thousand Trails RV Park. Today, Bridget is off with her friends before dropping them at the airport this afternoon for their flight home. Of the three, one is her friend from high school, one was a work colleague of hers, and the third is an exchange student from Belgium. It was interesting to hear her comparison between the Magic Kingdom and Euro Disney in Paris. 

I plan on doing both test sessions but also dinking around with the RV. Right now, I'm running each solar panel on its own to measure the output. Periodically, I'll switch to the next panel. It just seems odd to me that no matter how sunny the day is, the system seems to top out at around 370watts. From the graph, you can see that the panels are roughly equivalent. Panel 2 was dirtier than the others from tree sap. After I reconnected all of the panels, I scraped the sap off of all of them and washed off most of the dirt.

Friday (88)
 - It's already been 88 days since I was last back home. I'll be flying out tomorrow evening for the eleven-hour (actual time in the air) flight back. I arrive in Fairbanks about 18 hours later. Florida is a long way from AK.

I signed up for the earlier test session. The later session is more problematic if I'm making dinner as it starts around 5pm and has run as late as 6:15 but that's unusual. 

It's just after noon now and there is the usual stream of RVs arriving and being led to their sites by golf carts. No one is allowed to check-in before noon at this park. If you arrive even one minute early, you are turned away. So the stores with large parking lots down the road usually have a bunch of RVs waiting. The picture is from when we arrived last week.

The last picture I thought was kind of interesting. I'm sure that most are familiar with the "pano" feature of phones where you slowly turn to the right and the picture builds on the phone. This princess float was long and moving from right to left. I set the phone on pano and started it while holding the phone still while the float moved. There are quite a few artifacts but I thought that it was kind of interesting.

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