Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Day 86 - Magic Kingdom

Wednesday (86) - We met up with a several friends of Bridget’s from back in high school in the Magic Kingdom. This is a benefit of the annual pass. We can go into any of the parks without any plan or expectations. 

Now, I’m waiting on  Main Street and another cavalcade went by. A lot of people for a short time then things quiet down again. I don’t think it’s as crowded as last week. 

Today gourmet snack was corn dog nuggets with cheese from Casey’s Corner. I didn’t order the fries but they came automatically with something. 

We are having dinner at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. According to Disney Food Blog, it’s generic Italian. I had the spaghetti with plant based meatballs. It was good but not spectacular. 

After dinner, we went on a couple of rides (Haunted Mansion and Peter Pan) then looked for a spot to watch the fireworks. This spot looked good. 


  1. It looks so crowded over there, sometimes I wonder... don't people need to go to work? ;-)

    1. Many of the people seemed to be from outside of the U.S. based on all of the languages you hear spoken while wandering around. I think pent up demand as many people had canceled trips over the last couple of years…