Friday, February 11, 2022

Day 81 - Epcot

We are back at Epcot with family visiting. It is really quiet and uncrowned this morning. We arrived before opening and walked around for a bit. 

We ended up in the France section of the World Showcase but the new Ratatouille ride was temporarily down. We went to another movie-style attraction featuring Beauty and the Beast. When we got out, I was almost run over from the stampede heading to the new ride as it was running again. We headed the opposite direction. 

I tried the chorizo empanada. This was one of the highlighted dishes as part of the Festival of the Arts going right now. It was pretty tasty but not as spicy as it could have been.

Another in our group tried the sushi donut in the Japan section. He said that it was alright but not standout. We had lunch at Seasons, a food court location near Living With the Land and Soarin’. I had the jackfruit gyro. I’ve never heard of jackfruit before but the sandwich was good. Mickey was hanging out in the area.

I picked up my popcorn bucket refill in the Canadian section. Maple popcorn. The re-fillable popcorn bucket is a bargain. At least a bargain by Disney standards. Mary Poppins was hanging around the area properly social distancing courtesy of some vegetation. 

Over 10k steps and it’s barely early afternoon. Right now I’m sitting under an umbrella waiting for a Canadian singing group, Alberta Bound. 

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