Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Day 5, 6, 7 - Mims, FL - KOA

Sunday (5) - Today, I moved from TTO to the Titusville KOA. The reservation is for nine days as that will extend to coincide with Bridget’s return flight. 

Shortly after arriving, I joined a special test session with 22 candidates. There were a bunch of us and we broke into groups of 3 VEs and tested them all in a little over an hour. A pretty good pace. The three that our group tested all passed easily.

Monday (6) - At 11am, it is a very pleasant 70°F and the forecast is only for a high of 75°F. I'm not going to complain about that. The camping site isn't spectacular but there is a pool (no hot tub) but I haven't checked out the temperature yet. I looked at the Cape Canaveral launch schedule and there is one planned for tomorrow (3-1-2022) with a two-hour launch window beginning at 4:38EST. A Falcon9 launch is planned for Thursday with a launch at 12:42pm. Unfortunately, neither of these is at night so I probably can't see it from here. I'll need to do a little research as to where to go.

Later - The pool just had a new heater brought in but it isn't functional yet. Unfortunate. The water is pretty cold. I was wondering why no one was using the pool. 

I just got off the phone with one of the afternoon candidates and he was very familiar with Zoom and had read all of the materials. 

Tuesday (7) - It actually got cold enough last night that the heat pump came on. Dropped to 57°F! This morning while walking the dog, I noticed several puffy jackets and wool hats. After the first test session, I made my way to Titusville Space View Park. 

The Indian River separates here from Cape Canaveral. A ULA Atlas V launch of a GEOS-T satellite, is scheduled for 4:38EST and, I’m told, I should be able to see it from here. 

I should have brought a chair and a warmer jacket. There is a steady 10pm high wind blowing from the water. 

Later - The launch was on time. There is a 1’20” video of the launch. Note that it takes a minute before we hear the sound. 


  1. I wonder if we'll see the day of space elevators and anti-grav launches, like they predict in science fiction material.

    1. Space elevator before other methods. But this would need to be done at the equator. That would mean Africa or South America.