Sunday, March 13, 2022

Day 19 - Key Largo

Sunday (19) - This morning we headed further south for a day trip to Key Largo. Hwy 1 was crowded as it is still the weekend. Our first stop was a bird sanctuary south of town. This was the view from the end of their boardwalk with a “Beware of crocodiles” sign. 

There were a number of birds such as this owl and it felt like a good facility mostly dealing with rescuing injured birds. Some get released back into the wild but most were too injured to fend for themselves. 

We then stopped at a tourist trap gift shop which featured Betty the lobster. Supposedly the second most photographed place in the Keys. I’m guessing that the Key West buoy is the most popular. 

Lunch was at Snook’s Bayside Grill and I had the shrimp roll. Like a lobster roll but with locally caught shrimp. It was delicious. Especially the toasted roll. 

We turned around at Islamorada as the traffic was getting heavier and slower. This is one of the few water views from tge road. We were told that the views were better the further south we went but didn’t want to deal with the traffic. 


  1. Oh my, the shrimp roll looks mouth watering!

    1. It was delicious. They had a lobster roll on the menu as well but the shrimp was locally caught but the lobster was from Maine.