Saturday, March 12, 2022

Day 17, 18 - Pompano Beach, FL - TT

Friday (17) - After two active days, we are taking a couple days of doing very little. At 10am, it was hot enough (84°F) to go float around the pool for a while. After drying off for a while, I headed back to start setting up for the first test session. Not a bad way to spend the day…

This afternoon, I swung into a gas station and every single pump was in use. Very odd. I went to a different gas station down the street and it was deserted. Is it because it was 5¢/gal more?

Saturday (18) - Another quiet day. There are three test sessions scheduled so I volunteered for all three since I have the time. The forecast is for some heavy wind and rain later this afternoon. And, it looks like cooler temperatures are behind this front. That'll be nice as the lows have been in the upper 70s (°F) for the past couple of days. The A/C units don't get much of a break and we haven't been able to put the awning out to shield the south-facing side of the RV due to the wind. 

Around 3:30pm, the temperature dropped from 95°F to about 70°F over a span of ten minutes. Tonight, it's supposed to be in the 50s (°F). Everyone around here is going to freeze! Steve, from Cocoa, FL, mentioned that they are getting wind chill advisories and their temperature has dropped to 63°F already.

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