Sunday, March 20, 2022

Day 25, 26 - Friends

Saturday (25) - We drove west towards the coast north of Tampa. Friends of Bridget’s from UPark days including two of her former students live there. We had lunch with them. I think I had met them once when they lived in Fairbanks as we had purchased an upright freezer from them as they were getting ready to move. It was a nice drive out and back without too much congestion. 

Sunday (26) - Sunday morning brunch buffet was at the Beach Club Resort. Good breakfast but the standout dish was the tofu w/vegetables. Bridget asked for the recipe which. They used to have them printed out but no longer. The chef said the key ingredients were chimichurri and balsamic glaze. 

The eggs Benedict were overcooked but the hollandaise was perfect on the asparagus. Overall, the brunch was good and cheap when compared to brunch in Alaska. 

We then went to Disney Springs to pick up our annual pass holder magnets and to meet up with BobB and his wife. BobB is another ham radio VE (volunteer examiner) and is letting us use his address for shipping packages. 

One of the packages was a Ubiquity Nanostation M2 from DomC of Thank you! I now can connect the RV to the campground WiFi again.


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    1. Thank you for sending it. This model has two Ethernet ports which is allowing me to connect both the AP and the Netgear, which I'm just using as a switch. All rsdios on the Netgear are disabled as it doesn't have as many configuration options as the Ubiquity AirGateway. And, it's slower…

  2. Glad you're finding it good, I sure wasn't using it.