Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Day 21, 22 - Fort Pierce, FL to TTO - HH TT

Tuesday (21) - It was a tight fit backing out of this parking spot. The roads are narrow and, for some odd reason, they put the sewer connection in the middle of the pad. Had to be really careful of where the front tires were. 

We are at Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery and staying as Harvest Host members. They have 18 RV sites on a wonderful, grassy field behind their tasting room. We are in one of the pull-through sites so we didn’t even need to disconnect the Jeep. At 3pm, it was 78°F and overcast with occasional showers. And a really pleasant breeze. Not bad at all. 

I filled up on diesel and it took 53gal. The regular price was $5.599/gal but using the TSD Logistics fuel program, we paid $4.704/gal. Expensive but we have paid more per gallon in CA several years ago. 

Wednesday (22)
 - Today, we continued north back to TTO aka Thousand Trails Orlando. It was an uneventful trip mostly on state highways which included going through a number of towns. 

TTO is a nice RV park and even though it’s “first come 
first served”, they have a good system to handle all of the people arriving. They stage you in a large lot with a number showing the order you arrived in. You explain to a golf cart person your preference and they lead you to something that matches. 

It is hot and humid today but kind of windy. The ground is sandy so the stakes I use for the awning just pull right out. So, no awning. The refrigerator works better if it’s shaded. At 3pm, they closed the pool due to lightning strikes within a certain distance. The time between the two pictures was about an hour and a half. The weather changes quickly. 

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