Saturday, March 26, 2022

30, 31, 32 - Clermont, FL - TT

Thursday (30) - An overcast morning but still warm enough to sit outside enjoying my coffee. I noticed that it’s dark enough for the street lights to turn on. The rain isn’t supposed to be here for several hours. I may just sit out here for a while. 

During a walk around the park, we came to a bunch of small garden plots. One of the residents decided to clean this area up and make the plots available to others in the park. Besides the flowers there are tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

Shortly after the last picture was taken, the clouds opened up with a huge downpour. Twenty minutes later, it was over. Huge puddles all over the place.  

Friday (31) - Today’s drive is all of 19miles to Clerbrook RV and Golf Resort. It is an Encore park which we have access to through TT. So the price is right. 

When we arrived, the kitchen slide wasn’t working properly. Something else to fix, I guess. It’s an older RV park but we were able to get level easily and it is full hookups. There is a pool and possibly even a hot tub. 

Saturday (32) - I participated in a couple of test sessions today. Bandwidth is still kind of limited. Streaming works well but the Zoom audio has some packet loss and retransmissions. Here is my current setup for the sessions. The iPad is connected to the laptop via USB-C and is functioning as a second-screen laptop. It seems to work well. 

I opened up the panels on the slide locks and there was no mechanical or electrical problem. The slide locks were out of synch. Cycling them through their full range got them back in synch and both engaged their micro switches and the slide went out. No problem. 

We are spending time with Galen and Cindy here at the park. We last saw them when we mooch-docked on their RV pad in Colorado. We had initially met them in Oregon at a TT park, then met them again in southern Texas. We arranged to meet them here in Clermont at the TT/Encore park. 

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