Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Day 13, 14 - Mims, FL to Pompano Beach, FL - TT

Monday (13) - An early start of the day as Bridget’s flight from home arrived in Orlando shortly after 6am. The airport is around an hour away if you take the non-toll route. The toll road is about 15 min faster. 

Today’s project was fixing the front awning arm. For some reason it was binding up when closing and the bottom two mounting screws were sheared off. The sheared screws were only #8 and rusted so undersized in my opinion. I replaced them with #12 SS but had to drill new holes as the old ones had broken screws in them. I covered the area with silicone caulk including the hole where the wiring came out. It wasn’t sealed before. The binding was caused by this cover for the wiring. It was originally at the upper end of the arm and I found it at the bottom. I’ll try and bend it back and reinstall it. The purpose of the cover is to protect the wind sensor (which has never worked). 

It’s hot and humid right now. I think it’s time to head to the pool. The moss hanging from the trees looks kind of cool in this picture from the pool. I was able to stay in the unheated pool for around 45min before it started to feel too cold. But it’s nice to sit in the sun warming up and it no longer felt hot and humid.

There are a lot of loud bikes around here. Both in the park as well as the state highway next to the park. Someone mentioned that it is Daytona Bike Week. Pretty much all Harley-type cruisers and trikes. 

Tomorrow, we head south to an Encore park in Pompano Beach which is a bit north of Fort Lauderdale and Miami. This will be as far south for this snowbird trip.

Tuesday (14) - We are now about 190 miles further south at an Encore/TT park in Pompano Beach. I guess it’s considered a suburb of Miami. Right now, we are at the pool, and the only non-Canadians here based on all the French being spoken. The sites are pretty narrow and it was a challenge even finding this place as the RV park name doesn’t match the signs. Kind of confusing. 

It was a very warm 85°F when we arrived and the generator was running the roof A/C units for most of the trip. I think spring is already here.

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