Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Day 27, 28, 29 - Clermont, FL - TT

Monday (27) - No real plans today. I defrosted the freezer as the ice maker had stopped working. I thought that it may be the problem. Plus, there was a lot of ice and frost built up partially due to the high humidity. It wasn’t going to be ridiculously hot today so that was the other reason for defrosting the refrigerator. 

I have the Ubiquity Nanostation that Dom gifted me, set up to connect into the pay WiFi service here at the park. We are only here for the week but I was down to 0.6% on the hotspot and 10% on my phone. And AT&T charges much more to add more data to these pay-as-you-go plans. I am also still using the Netgear router I purchased a couple of weeks ago but only as a network switch. I turned off both WiFi radios as the little Ubiquity AirGateway proved to be a much better performing WiFi network than the Netgear.

Later - But still, not very fast. Right now, Discord has been trying to apply an update all afternoon. So I moved to the rec center and am now connected to their complimentary WiFi. We'll see if the update actually finishes. 

I actually just deleted the Discord app and redownloaded the current version. But, I foolishly just clicked the download button which defaulted to the Windows version. So now, I'm waiting for the Mac version to download. 

After the Mac version was downloaded, it then proceeded to download and install 5 updates. The first 4 took around 30 seconds. the 5th is still downloading but at least the progress bar is moving. And, it's done. What a hassle.

Tuesday (28) - The first project was replacing the bungee material on Bridget’s zero gravity chair. The first side was simple. The other side is challenging as you are trying stretch the cords on both sides. It mostly done. I’ll continue tomorrow. 

The second project was getting the network reinstalled in the front cabinet. It’s mostly done though I need to install a couple more micro-usb pigtails to the buck converter. I’ll wait for cooler temperatures as the front cabinet gets really warm in the middle of the day.

Wednesday (29) - The forecast is for wind today and rain tomorrow so I put away the awning and some of the outdoor chairs. 

Then spent some time in the pool. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Around 2, the kids started to show up. Home school must be over. The large pool is closed for maintenance so there were quite a few in the smaller pool including a group playing volleyball. 

That’s about it for now. On Friday, weare moving to another RV park about 30 miles north of here for a couple of weeks. 

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