Friday, March 18, 2022

Day 24 - More Disney…

Friday (24) - After a nice, cool morning, it’s warming up on its way to a projected high of almost 90°F. The “schedule” says that we are going to the Animal Kingdom park today. Probably not ‘til later this afternoon due to the temperatures. Plus, that park is one that most visit earlier in the day then “park hop” to one of the others that have more evening hours and entertainment. The Animal Kingdom park opens early and closes early. 

The first stop was the bird show followed by a light snack. It’s 4pm now and partially overcast. Which really helps not having the direct sun. 

The sitar player was pretty good. Different performers are scattered all over the park.  The crowds are definitely lower than they were at Epcot yesterday. I think the arriving later was a decent strategy. 

Right now, we are in the nice, air-conditioned theater for the Lion King live show. We still have 20 minutes but it’s air-conditioned so it really doesn’t matter. 

After the show, we wandered around the park and ended up sitting in the Pandora section for a while. It is starting to cool off, which feels nice. 

We had dinner at Tiffens within the Animal Kingdom. And then wandered through the Pandora section after dark. The iPhone 13mini takes much better nighttime photos than the iPhone X.  

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