Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Day 52 - North of Fort St John

Today finds us at Coffee Creek RV Park. This is the third time we’ve stayed here and it was a long driving day. The sites are gravel and mostly level and the only way to describe their bathrooms and showers are “spa-like”.

We have about 1,406 miles to go according to Google or 3 to 5 days. Today, between Edmonton and Grande Prairie, we had snow flurries and temperatures just above freezing. It made for stressful driving.

This morning, the Trimetric battery monitor was showing 71% which is lower than normal for not doing any cooking with an electric appliance. By lunch, the solar panels only raised it to 76%. Odd even with the weather. It turns out that I had left the refrigerator on “auto” and the inverter was powered on last night and while we were driving. So the refrigerator was running off of the batteries through the inverter. That would be an almost continuous 300 watt load. By evening, the batteries still aren’t fully charged so I’ll plug in the new converter. 


  1. I'll assume you're adding the refrigerator power mode to the travel checklist? Mine won't run off the house battery unless I've connected to shore power or generator.

    1. The refrigerator AC power is on the same circuit as the outlets so when the inverter is on and shore power off, the automatic transfer switch turns it on. I just need to remember. When we were in warmer temperatures, the refrigerator was manually set to propane as it works better but now it’s cool enough to run it off shire power when available.