Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Day 58 - Tok, AK

Back in Alaska. We stopped for lunch along Kluane Lake, one of the most scenic locations along the Alaska Highway. It was pretty windy almost pulling the doors out of your hands when opening. We crossed the border into Alaska around 4 and the thermometer in the truck read 70°F. I had to run the A/C. Quite the change from just a few days ago.

We are dry camping behind the Tesoro station in Tok. We went to Fast Eddy’ For dinner as is our tradition. While there, I noticed that the trailer was kind of tilted. Further examination showed that one of the spring shackles on the trailer was broken. Not sure when it happened. The RV repair shop across the street has replacements for $10 a set. I just needed to remove the old one so I can get the right size tomorrow morning. I’m glad I brought all those 1/2” drive tools today. As it was, I needed the breaker bar to get the bolt loose. Hopefully, the shop has replacement bolts as well. 


  1. You got lucky. Usually you get a smoke show and ruined tire when a shackle breaks. Also lucky they sell new ones right across the street from where you discovered the problem.

    1. The tires didn’t touch and it didn’t hit the bottom of the trailer so, yes, we got lucky. I’m just having the shop replace all the shackles and bushings since they are in there anyway.

  2. Pics of the shackle? I sometimes think my RV leans a bit....