Thursday, May 16, 2019

Arlington National Cemetery

Today, we attended a service at Arlington National Cemetery where Bridget’s dad’s ashes were interred. Her brother arranged for a limousine as it would be more convenient than driving multiple cars  into Arlington.

I had  only walked by Arlington National Cemetery on my prior trips to Washington D.C. It was a very well done service complete with a twenty-one gun salute and a group of seven honor guards unfolding and refolding the flag.

Bridget’s niece, Kelly sang a wonderful hymn near the end of the brief service. The time available was controlled by the staff to ensure that things ran smoothly. E.g. the chaplain was given 7 1/2 minutes to speak. About every fifteen minutes, you hear another twenty-one gun salute.

Attending were Bridget’s brother, his wife, daughter, her boyfriend as well as Bridget and myself. There was a professional videographer so a video of the ceremony should be available at some point in time. 

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