Friday, May 31, 2019

Longer Days

Sunset is after midnight for the first time this year though you can't really tell by looking outside. Just about every evening, it's been pretty cloudy so no spectacular sunsets to be seen. At least not around here. But maybe all of the rain in the area will help with the fires.

Friday morning - The smoke from the Delta fire has moved into town again. Not pleasant. Hopefully, we will get some rain to wash the smoke out of the air...


  1. Hoping the Delta fire isn't affecting Mickey's new place.

    1. His place is on the opposite side of the highway but I'm sure the smoke is pretty annoying.

  2. I remember the fire back in June 2004. At that time we were visiting Fairbanks, and went to the only place with breathable air: the local cinema. The permanent smell of smoke had us in constant panic mode, so we left the next day and drove twenty hours back south the until the air had cleared up again.

    Sending you some rain...