Saturday, May 11, 2019

Pioneer Park

This afternoon, while walking around the park, I heard the steam train engine running. They weren’t giving rides but just testing it out after all the restoration work. They’ve listed several dates when they were going to be using it to pull passengers around the park. Normally the small engine is diesel powered.

I’ve been clearing out the RV taking stuff to the house as I took the trailer to a friends home this evening. I figure that it’s easier than getting it into our steep, narrow driveway. Last year, it took quite a while getting it backed in. This time, only a few minutes…

Thank you Tim and Sue!


  1. Hooray for being home and getting the RV cleaned out. How long before you are itching to get going again?

  2. You heard the steam train engine running and thought Ural, didn't you? ;)

    1. A steam powered Ural could run on coal. Though you’d need someone to shovel… Bridget may not want to share the sidecar with the coal bin.