Thursday, May 2, 2019

Day 53 - Fort Nelson, BC

Today was a relatively short driving day but it was another stressful driving day. There were several hours of driving through snow flurries with air temperatures fluctuating from slightly above to slightly below freezing. We stopped at a gas station about 180 km south of here and asked about the road conditions. She said that it was about the same as we were driving through and would get worse once we passed Fort Nelson.

We decided to stop at the Triple G campground at the north end of Fort Nelson so we would be able to run the electric heater plus have access to more propane. The water isn’t running yet within the campground. Between Fort Nelson and Watson Lake, there are very few stops of any kind. Probably most if not all of the Provincial Parks, with the exception of Liard Hot Springs, are closed like the Provincial Parks that we passed over the last couple of days. The  first picture is from a highway webcam about 80km north of here. An RV returned after heading that way this morning as everyone was pulled over putting on their tire chains. I have a pair of chains for the rear wheels but I would rather just wait here for better weather.

It’s 5:45 now and the snow is really starting to come down. I think we will be here for a bit... We only have 1184 miles to go.

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