Saturday, May 4, 2019

Day 55 - Fort Nelson, BC

Still in Fort Nelson. I went to the Chamber of Commerce Annual Trade Show which is basically a place for local businesses to promote their wares. And, some free entertainment, lots of giveaways though the only things I left with was free popcorn, potato chips and a bottle of water.

The forecast is for warmer temperatures tomorrow so we are planning on heading out late morning. Maybe.... I must admit that it’s nice not to “need” to be in Fairbanks by a certain date. (Edit: Bridget say that we do have a deadline!) Having the ability to wait like this really is something that I appreciate. The general consensus around the RV park is that a late morning start tomorrow should work out. The temperature will be higher and there shouldn’t be any more accumulation tonight. The web cam image from Steamboat Hill is definitely looking better today than it has on previous days.


  1. Snow? Are you missing the weather down here yet?

  2. That road doesn't look great....

    1. It looked worse in person and lasted about 120km but fortunately there was plenty of gravel there on the slick sections.