Friday, May 24, 2019

Alaska Sidecar Rally

It was a cold ride to Talkeetna. Overcast, a headwind and temperatures in the mid-40s (°F). This picture was taken at the south McKinley viewpoint. Needless to say, there was no view of Denali today. In Cantwell, I dug out the heated liner and ended up using the heated grips. Not expected.

But other than that, it was a nice ride down. Dan and his daughter had claimed a campsite at the city campground. When I arrived at 3:30pm, it was completely full. Driving through Talkeetna was packed with pedestrians. Dan pointed out that it was mostly tourists who arrived on the train and they would be leaving on the steady stream of tour buses.

Three sidecar rigs are here and we are all camped in the one campsite. Dan and his daughter Sophi, Bob and Sharon, and myself. We went to the brew house for dinner and it was a very long wait. This is the first weekend that they’ve been open.


  1. I remember my first and only Talkeetna Sidecar Rally....good times. How's the rig running?

    1. Your name came up in conversation. The year you were here was the first sidecar rally. I missed the last two. The rig is running good. I may richen the main jet as power is dropping above ~4200rpm. I changed out the fuel filters but that didn’t make a difference.

    2. Please give everyone my regards.....check your air filter?