Sunday, May 5, 2019

Day 56 - Watson Lake, YT

We left Fort Nelson around 10am and it was around 34°F but at least it wasn’t snowing. About 60km out, we started into the mountains with a lot of 6%  to 10% grades and temperatures ranging from 33°F to 26°F. We just took it slow and after a while the southbound vehicles started to look cleaner. By the time we reached Muncho Lake, we could see blue skies up ahead.

We stopped at this lodge for lunch and they had schnitzel sandwiches. The schnitzel was home made as one of the sons trained as a chef in Switzerland. The interior of this lodge is impressive and definitely a stop I make often. Partly because this is one of the few places open year around on the highway. And one of the few places to get fuel between Watson Lake and Fort Nelson. And the fuel price reflects the remote location.

We were planning to stop at Nugget City like we usually do but it was still closed. Since we didn’t have enough diesel to reach Teslin, we turned around and headed back to Watson Lake. The gas station, Tags, has a small RV park in back but it really wasn’t open yet. We are parked back there right now and paid $20CAN for the electricity and the off-highway parking spot. We had called the visitors center and they said that the public campgrounds don’t open for a couple more weeks. But this place is just fine. We are parked next to another 5th wheel that was also at the Fort Nelson campground for the same days that we were. They are on their way to Hope, AK, where they will be camp hosts.

867 miles to go. 


  1. Yep, I remember coming up too early in the season and finding all the campgrounds still closed and snowed in sometimes....

    1. Most of the campgrounds open on Victoria Day somewhere around the middle of May. We still had flurries today...