Friday, May 10, 2019

Pioneer Park - Fairbanks, AK

Just a few shots from walking around Pioneer Park aka Alaskaland. This riverboat used to be open for tours but, I believe, it was shut down by the fire marshall for not meeting code for a public building or something like that. There are very few of the businesses here open. The merry-go-round is operational and they have a small snack shop open but that’s about it. I stopped at the park office this morning and they refunded my money for dry-camping. They said that the potable water spigot was still frozen so no charge for staying here.

This is a metal sculpture of a raven just outside of one of the food shops (still closed) in the old cabin section of the park. The Alaska Salmon Bake is closed but it usually opens on Mother’s Day so that should be this weekend. But I haven’t seen any activity at that end of the park. I took advantage of the free RV dump station at Sourdough Fuel and added 5 gal of water that I’ve had in the back of the truck. I also moved the trailer to the other side of the parking lot as the other side seemed to be a hangout spot,


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    1. I don’t know but didn’t want to find out. I think it was just a place hidden from the road...