Thursday, May 23, 2019

Getting Ready for a Ural Trip

This is one area where the Ural shines. Luggage space. I'm getting ready to head to Talkeetna tomorrow for the Alaska Sidecar get together. It is a very informal gathering organized by Dan, the Alaska representative of the USCA (United Sidecar Association). We meet at the Talkeetna City Campground at the edge of town near the Susitna River. We meet there because Dan played softball and there are quite a few games here over the long weekend. I've missed this event for the last couple of years since we've been out of town with the RV so it'll be great to renew old friendships.

The campground doesn't allow RVs so I'm taking the Ural. All of my camping gear fits nicely in the footwell of the sidecar. The trunk has tools, food, and clothes. A folding camping chair is on the rear rack. It could fit inside of the sidecar if I wanted to re-organize things. Talkeetna is around 280 miles from here so it'll be an all-day trip on the Ural. This will also be the first trip with the tractor seat and the top box. We'll see how comfortable (or uncomfortable) it is. I don't plan on having much in the top box except water and snacks.


  1. Replies
    1. I’ve been looking forward to this trip...

  2. Yep, I miss all that carrying capacity of the sidecar....

    1. You can always add a sidecar… Maybe one of those off-road versions.