Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Day 51 - Spruce Grove, AB

303 miles today and we are just past Edmonton, AB, lot-docking at the Spruce Grove Walmart. Bridget called ahead and we were told “no problem but for only one night”. Why anyone would stay for more is a mystery. We needed to stock up on vegetables after crossing the border. Ironically, they didn’t even ask if we had any. Oh well, now we have fresh vegetables. There are quite a few RVs here this evening. We talked to a couple that are headed to Alaska to work in tourism jobs.

The temperature barely made it above freezing today. But the forecasted low is higher than yesterday so the trend is positive in more ways than one. Tomorrow’s goal is Dawson Creek, the beginning of the Alaska Hwy. 


  1. Why anyone would stay for more is a mystery... maybe a good place for hunting and fishing?

    You are making quite some progress getting back north.

    1. I think that many Walmart’s have some homeless folks camping in their parking lots.

    2. Oh, that's rather sad. But they also need to stay somewhere...