Monday, April 29, 2019

Day 50 - Fort MacLeod

Today, we are staying at the Daisy Mae Campground in Fort MacLeod, AB. I didn’t recognize the name but when I went into the office, I remembered being here before. It turns out that we stayed here on our way back to Alaska in 2017. It was really warm and we wanted power for the A/C. We don’t need the A/C today. We have the electric heater plugged in to supplement the propane furnace. We went through a 30# propane tank in only four days due to the cold temperatures. Last night, it got down to 19°F. I think we are heading north too early. Need to make a note for next year. 


  1. There's still time to turn around....

    1. Unfortunately not. We already have commitments in a couple of weeks.