Saturday, April 6, 2019

Day 27 - Corning, CA

A relatively short driving day. And even though we had to go through Sacramento, traffic wasn’t bad at all. We stayed on I-5 all the way. Our free stop is at the Olive Pit. They have about ten RV parking slots just north of the store and allow you to stay overnight. The only negative is that you can’t put out the slide so the interior of the RV is a bit cramped. Especially with two dogs.

They have a small cafe with burgers and breakfast in addition to the store selling all things olive. The heavy overcast probably means that the batteries won’t be fully charged again but when we stopped, they were back up to 90% from 74% this morning. Partly from the truck but mostly from the sun. It does receive some charge from the truck alternator but it’s such a long run that it’s more of a maintenance charge. 


  1. Hi Richard, if you find it already to a bit cramped in your trailer when the slide's not open, I guess our little VW camper van wouldn't do it for you, eh? ;-)

    1. With the slide in, you have a small walkway. Plus the table isn’t useable. It isn’t the size, it’s the layout.

  2. So, did you pick up a jar of Martini olives?

  3. Replies
    1. Plenty of free samples. They had a very tasty olive tapenade...