Sunday, April 7, 2019

Day 28 - Phoenix, OR

Our stop for today is the Pear Tree RV Resort in Phoenix, OR. We stopped here to visit with some long-time friends from back in my student days in Fairbanks. They live in Medford which is a short drive north of the RV park. I had called several places in the area and this was the only one with any space. It seems that the parks are filled with long term snowbirds who didn't want to go any further south. Since the California border is only about twenty miles away, I guess I can see why some wouldn't want to venture further south.

It was raining for much of the drive especially while traversing the Shasta-Trinity mountains. We passed Shasta Lake which is usually very empty but today, the water level was almost "full". According to the graph, the lake is only about 16' from full. The light green line is last years data so I guess "full" at this time of year is normal.

Nothing else interesting on the drive except you can see new leaves just starting to come out on some of the trees

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