Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Day 30 - Monmouth, OR - HH

Today’s stop was Emerson Vineyard, another Harvest Host stop. It alternated between rain, sometimes heavy, and sunshine all day today. But once we arrived at our stop, it has been mostly scattered clouds. They had a good selection of wine and a white port. Since we will be spending Easter with family, we picked up a couple of bottles including the port.

The box labels make great posters but, unfortunately, they only had one poster available and it wasn’t the one Bridget was looking for. This place is nowhere near any highway so it is very quiet and peaceful and we are able to enjoy a nice view out of the rear picture window.

The tasting room had quite a few barrels in addition to tables, chairs and couches. They host musical events inside the tasting room during the winter and outside during warmer weather. We are really enjoying the Harvest Host stays and are already looking forward to our next stay in a week.

This is where we are parked behind a building. You can see our view from the back window which is facing east. The sun is high enough to hit the solar panels and we are already back up to 100% charge even with all the rain. 


VStar Lady said...

Quiet and peaceful is lovely. To bad about the posters. I have been following the trip, even if I have not mentioned it. Safe journey.

RichardM said...

Quiet and peaceful (and free!). Can’t ask for more than that.

david R said...

Going to stop in McMinnville and see the museum? (since its due norht of you.) You can dry camp in the huge parking lot. The Space side has a lot Russian stuff in it, quite interesting.

RichardM said...

Maybe. We stopped there a couple of years ago while on the Ural trip. It’s our fallback stop in a week if the gourmet cheese place doesn’t have space for us.