Thursday, April 4, 2019

Day 25 - Lodi, CA - HH

Today felt like a longish driving probably due to the crazy traffic on I-5. Truck and trailer traffic was 55-60 mph and the cars were 70-80+. Cars would stream by in tightly packed lines of about 40 cars at a time. Pretty crazy.

This morning, we stopped by to visit with Tom and Lori RV Life as they were still at the Bear Mountain RV Park. They were the one who recommended the park in Bakersfield. I would definitely stop by there again. The price was right and it was clean and quiet.

We are at Jessie’s Grove Winery, a Harvest Host participant. They gave us the gate code to the truck entrance and had us go to this huge grassy field behind the winery. We are planning to stay for a couple of nights as they have a lot of things to do here. We arrived just a few minutes before closing so we will go visit tomorrow morning.

This is the view out of the rear window of the trailer. It faces to the west so the trees back there should provide some shade from the sun. I suspect that our awning will be getting some use here. We had it out for almost the entire time that we were in Menifee and it was nice to have. Since the refrigerator side of the trailer faces south, the awning helps the freezer stay cold. The absorption refrigerator works but isn’t like a compressor style refrigerator.


  1. I love the idea of the Harvest Hosts. We have something similar going in Germany and France, however you are supposed to stay for one night only, and then make way for the next guest.

    Traffic sucks, eh? Same here, but once you're out of it life is good again.

    1. It’s the same here, one night only. The field is huge and they told us no problem as there isn’t anyone else coming in and no special events scheduled at the winery.